Daichi Fujiki

Daichi Fujiki

Assistant Professor

Keio University

Daichi Fujiki is an Assistant Professor in Computer Science and Informatics at Keio University. His research interests include memory-centric computing for general and application-specific workloads, and domain-specific architectures. He is leading the Data-Centric Computing Laboratory, which develops compute capable memory architectures and custom acceleration frameworks for bioinformatics workloads.

He received Ph.D. in 2022 and M.S.Eng in 2017 from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, and B.E. in 2016 from Keio University, Japan.

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  • In-memory Computing
  • Computing for Genomics and Precision Health
  • Privacy Preserved Computing
  • Ph.D. in Computer Science and Engineering, 2022

    University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

  • M.S.Eng. in Computer Science and Engineering, 2017

    University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

  • B.E. in Computer Science and Informatics, 2016

    Keio University


HW/SW Co-design
In-Memory Computing
Genome Sequencing Acceleration


Assisntant Professor
Keio University
4月 2022 – Present Tokyo, Japan
AI Research Intern
Facebook AI Research
9月 2020 – 12月 2020 Remote Location
Project: Performance Characterization and Hardware Acceleration of GNNs for Recommendation System
GPU Architecture Intern
Samsung SARC/ACL
6月 2019 – 8月 2019 San Jose
Project: Energy Efficient Mobile GPU Shader Architecture
Research Intern
6月 2018 – 8月 2018 Austin
Project: Near Memory Data Transformation for Sparse Workloads
Tokyo University of Technology
4月 2016 – 8月 2016 Tokyo
Taught Computer Literacy class

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Multi-Layer In-Memory Computing
A 2.46M Reads/s Seed-Extension Accelerator for Next-Generation Sequencing Using a String-Independent PE Array
In-/Near-Memory Computing
In-/Near-Memory Computing
SeedEx: A Genome Sequencing Accelerator for Optimal Alignments in Subminimal Space
Duality Cache for Data Parallel Acceleration
Near-Memory Data Transformation for Efficient Sparse Matrix Multi-Vector Multiplication
In-Memory Data Parallel Processor